Allow us to share our customers testimonials.

Gavin Naidu:  “At first it was the price of your product; your product came in at a very reasonable price and offered practically all the bells and whistles in comparison to other scaffoldings on the market; but my ultimate satisfaction came in with the service that you offer. I was so pleased with the service and the little extra bits, such as the chocolate and note was truly a worthwhile experience. So often in industry, we forget the human aspect of our dealings and with your company I most certainly was made to feel special. Furthermore; we are often sceptical about making upfront payments and at no point did I hesitate to place my order, it just felt right dealing with you. So for me it was by far the service that you offered coupled with your product and price offering.”

Kim Davison:  “We are:  more than satisfied with the quality of scaffolding; service was excellent; we will most certainly recommend AZTOCRAFT.  Our purchase from AZTOCRAFT was an extremely pleasant experience from start to finish.  Goods ordered and received within a week of official order including shipping from PTA to Durban.  Most importantly the quality of the scaffolding exceeded our expectations.  An extremely pleasant experience all round.”


John Fourie:  “Aztocraft Scaffolding delivers a high quality product with good after sales service.  I would recommend Aztocraft as a supplier…”

Jurgens De Jager:  “… baie dankie Tronell; ons bestel gou weer.”

Debra Hart:  “We used the scaffolding for our first job yesterday and today, it was easy to erect, safe and very professional.  Thank you for the highly effective service you have given us.”

Gerhard Dreyer:  “Yes, ek is baie happy met dit amazing equipment! Hoop om gou weer met julle te praat.”